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How do I teach my dog to dance?

Question by Rei: How do I teach my dog to dance?
My neighbors dog can stand up on it’s back-legs and spin in a circle. It’s so cute, they call the trick “dance”
I want to teach it to my dog.

First I taught her to walk in a circle as a response to the word “dance” then I though her to stand on her back legs as a response to the word “up” and I would tell her “up” then “dance” and she would go up then begin to spin around in the air but halfway through she would be on the ground again.

How can I teach her to spin around while she is on her back paws?

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Zumba, b itches love zumba

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New Help ?Em Up Harness For Small Dogs Helping Cats Too

New Help ’Em Up Harness For Small Dogs Helping Cats Too

Kit. E. Boy participates in physical therapy with the help of the Help Em Up Harness

Denver, CO (PRWEB) May 09, 2013

Created originally with dogs in mind, now some veterinarians and rehabilitation specialists are using the small version of the Help ’Em Up™ Harness for feline patients over 10 pounds recovering from surgery.

At the request of veterinarians, creator of the full-body lifting harness system, Blue Dog Design, launched the small version for dogs 10-30 pounds early in 2013. Small, aging dogs often suffer from spine and back issues, and the new harness was developed to aid in recovery. Larger cats—heavier than 10 pounds—that are recovering from surgery also benefit from the harness that aids in post-surgical physical therapy.

Kit. E. Boy is one new feline patient at a veterinary rehabilitation center located in Walpole, MA. “The Help ’Em Up Harness has become a vital tool in the rehabilitation of our feline friend. Recovering from cerebellar meningioma removal, his ability to walk again is astonishing and a true testament of the life altering support and versatility of the Help ’Em Up Harness,” said Cathy Symons, CVT, CCRP – Sterling Impression Animal Rehabilitation Center of New England.”

“We were pleased to see our small harness being used on cats in recovery too,” said president of Blue Dog Designs and creator of the Help ’Em Up Harness Cary Zimmerman. “Just like smaller dog breeds, our feline companions sometimes need extra support following an injury or surgery, or even in old age. Our friends at Sterling Impression specialize in animal rehabilitation, particularly with small-sized animals, and we are grateful to have them as one of our long-time supporters,” Zimmerman concluded.

The 9-point harness system, originally sized for medium to extra-large dogs, is widely used by veterinary rehabilitation therapists as a mobility device to treat dogs recovering from surgery because it’s a safe way to help lift pets and comfortable for animals to wear for long stretches of time. Launched in 2008, the Help ’Em Up Harness is the first full-body dog lifting harness system featuring the patented “Hip Lift” to assist owners with aging or injured dogs to live a more active life.

Unlike the larger-sized harness, the small Help ’Em Up Harness has two connector straps along each side of the back leaving the top of the spine exposed to accommodate recovery from spinal cord issues that can be prevalent in small-breed dogs. Straps on the small harness are made of Velcro for easy adjustment with this size. All Help ’Em Up Harnesses feature a chest, shoulder and hip-lift harness system that is padded, lightweight and comfortable to wear for dogs with muscle and joint disease. It also helps dogs suffering from muscle atrophy, arthritis, hip dysplasia, myelopathy, or loss of power in their hips and hind legs from aging or injury.    

The new small-breed Help ’Em Up Harness comes in black with red and gray accents and is ideal for breeds including Dachshunds, Shih Tzus, Terriers, Toy Poodles and other smaller, short breed types. And now, larger cats over 10 pounds.

The Help ’Em Up Harness is designed to distribute weight over the large surfaces of the chest and hind quarters. Unlike other devices, the Help ’Em Up Harness can be worn comfortably many hours a day. Ad hoc solutions like towels, leashes or slings must be assembled with each use. Owners with dogs suffering from cataracts or that are sight impaired use the harness as a guide to help steer them around obstacles and provide balance and safety.

About Sterling Impressions Animal Rehabilitation Center of New England

The center was created as a result of a long time dream of Dr. Marjorie McMillan, DVM, DACVR, CCRP, who carried her paralyzed 15 year-old Labrador retriever, Sterling, for two years, until realizing there must be a better way to treat animals with lameness issues. In June 2003 Dr. McMillan and Cathy Symons, CVT, CCRP, were two of the first 36 practitioners graduated from the Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) program offered at the University of Tennessee, which is known for conducting groundbreaking work in physical therapy for small animals. Together, in their desire to help other pets with neurological disorders, they created their own rehabilitation center naming it in memory of Sterling. For more information on the work of this state-of-the-art physical rehabilitative center and its wide-range of therapy services visit:

About Blue Dog Designs

Blue Dog Designs was launched in 2008 with the original The Help ’Em Up Harness, the first full body lifting harness for dogs that can be worn for extended periods. Ergonomically designed with soft comfortable padding and waterproof Neoprene, the harness has elevated handles for lifting and stabilizing, is adjustable to fit any size dog and machine washable. The harness is used by veterinarians post-surgery, but also helps owners lift aging dogs up off the floor, up and down the stairs, or in and out of cars or boats. For more information and a free brochure on the Help ’Em Up Harness, visit

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