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How can I find pictures from inside a book?

Question by Debbie D: How can I find pictures from inside a book?
I read the book “The Truth About Dogs’ by Stephen Budiansky, and I want to use some of the pictures from inside it, but I don’t know how to get them. I tried going to amazon and google books, but they didn’t have the pictures i needed.

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Answer by Gabriel
it should cite who took/drew the pictures in the book, either near/on the picture, or in the back and/or front of the book. check and see

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Nice “dog Carts” photos

A few nice dog carts images I found:

Hey! How Much Is A Hot Dog?

Image by srqpix
It’s 7:47 A.M. and my friend James Desterre prepares his hot dog cart to serve up one of America favorite pedestrian foods. James says "the question how much is a hot dog is no longer a question but a colloquialism". It is asked as people walk by, shouted from passing cars and even from kids in baby buggies! The current price is a .75.

Hot Dogs

Image by wwward0
Late night at a hot dog cart in Columbus Circle, brightly lit.

NYC Hotdog cart 01

Image by rollingrck
The ubiquitous hot dog cart