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Q&A: How to control your dog mentally?

Question by Alec John: How to control your dog mentally?
My dog is a “hyper dog” and it is very hard for me to control him. And he just bites our clothes, our shoes, and anything that’s new to his eyes. Can somebody teach me how to control him. He is just 4 months old.

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Answer by Mokana
He needs an outlet for his energy, like dog park or doggy daycare. Then he needs some serious obedience training. Does he bite or mouth you or kids? We always stopped that by making a high pitched yelping sound or ouch, that way the dog thinks he hurt you and will learn “bite sensitivity” or not to bite altogether. Depending how serious his behavior problems are, you may need to keep him on a leash at your side until he learns his manners. I have rehabilitated many a rescue dog that way. On a leash you have immediate control of correcting the dog at the exact time of the bad behavior. The dog will learn to focus on you and to sit or lie down next to you until told to do otherwise. I also recommend reaching out to local pet shops, doggy daycares, etc. They will always love to share information with you and give you advice on leashes and collars, etc… to make your training experience easier. Hope that helps a little, hang in there he won’t be a puppy forever.

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