Question by B: What is the best breed of dog for someone who works 9-5?
I am looking into getting a dog. I would want a 1-3 year old dog from a rescue, but I would need a dog that can “hold it” while I’m at work. I HATE small “purse dogs” and would love one at least 25+ pounds.

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Answer by H
I think any dog that you happen to fall in love with would be fine while you work as long as you put a little training into it. You may also want to consider potty pad training just in case your dog has to go while you are at work. If you make sure that the dog has plenty of food, water, toys, a bed to call his own and maybe leave the TV on so that the dog will hear voices and it wont be so quiet, I bet he will sleep most of the time that you are gone. Any breed will be fine as long as he is trained. Just go to your local shelter and fall in love because, you will. There will be that one dog that you just have to take home.

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