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How do you get a dog used to an electric fence?

Question by Owlmaid: How do you get a dog used to an electric fence?
We’ve decided to put up an electric fence to keep our dog from running the streets. Her name is Molly, female, and she weighs about 20pds. When she sees something she just BOLTS after it and I’m afraid what an electric fence would do to her if she did that.
Any tips on how to show her the electric fence?

Best answer:

Answer by Tony’sJeanius
Dogs have to “learn” the rules of the electric fence. (mostly visually), however, ,,,,,and despite the shitpoints coming….it’s a Lazy Joes way out. Cruel as well.
Think about the concept.
Late Entry : the idea of “invisible fence” equals to poking a legless person with a stick.

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In Home Franchise Pet Business is Offering Franchise Locations for Cities in Southeast America

In Home Franchise Pet Business is Offering Franchise Locations for Cities in Southeast America

News from Blue Chip Pet Care

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) March 20, 2013

Blue Chip Pet Care is an in home pet service company that offers dog walking, pet sitting, pet shuttle, overnight stays, in-home boarding (with pet sitters) and product delivery straight to the customers. Blue Chip Pet Care is not revolutionizing dog walking or any of its other services however, they have developed a system of processes that makes for a great business.

Blue Chip Pet Care was founded under the name Lucky Dog Nashville, in 2009. As one might imagine this company was founded in Nashville, TN. Now the business has three franchise locations.

Hunter Reed founded Lucky Dog Nashville and also serves as the franchisor says that the business operates on a high level of efficiently. When people think of providing dog walking or other services Blue Chip Pet Care offers one might think why not start the business themselves. What is difficult is actually the scaling process; how to make thirty or more visits a day and still have a life. “That is Blue Chip Pet Care’s goal, helping others scale their businesses and also lay out some important guidelines along the way,” says owner Hunter Reed. Blue Chip Pet Care’s model is one that requires low overhead but has a potential for high revenues, which makes this business a lower risk start up than other franchise opportunities.

Blue Chip Pet Care is currently targeting locations in the Southeastern cities of North America.

According to a research study from Dwell Insights Group a high percentage of America’s most affluent live in the South Eastern section of North America. Blue Chip Pet Care is looking for franchise candidates in cities with a population of 500,000 or more. Of course Blue Chip Pet Care would be willing to provide any information on franchise ownership for candidates in other parts of the country, but at the moment they are just barking up those trees in the South East.


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