Question by ricardo: How to teach my dog to defend me?
I want to get a dog and teach him not to be agressive towards people and other dogs. I understand how to do that. But if I teach him not to be agressive towards them, what will he do if I’m being attacked by a person or other dog? Will he just watch in confusion? I know it depends on the breed. But my question really is: is there a way to teach a dog to protect when it’s time to protect and be harmless when it is required of them? I can see how either one can be taught but I don’t understand how both can coexist in one dog.
Sorry for the misunderstanding I didn’t mean I wanted to teach my dog how to protect me I wanted him not to sit there and watch me if I’m being attacked because I trained him not to be agressive. Thanks to you guys that knew what I was trying to say it was helpfully to hear that they are naturally protective of their owners thanks 😉

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Answer by !There is no reason for Ignorance !call a vet!
You dont that will end up with a dog that is a liability you will get sued and the dog destroyed .
If you want a personal protection dog pay the $ 1000s upon $ 1000s it costs to buy and train one .

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