Question by Bai: What is the difference between saying me lavo la cara or lavo la cara?
Im so bad at reflexive verbs and I’m trying to understand it…
and also when do you add me, te, se, nos, and vos into the sentence?

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Answer by Larry
Since you are wanting to say “I wash my face”, you would want to use “me lavo la cara”. In general, reflexive verbs are used when referring to something that a person is doing to themself.

For example, “I put on a shirt” in Spanish would be “Me pongo una camisa” since you are dressing yourself. Likewise “You put on a shirt” would be “Te pones una camisa” and “They put on a shirt” would be “Se ponen una camisa”

However, “I put a shirt on my dog” would be “Pongo una camisa en mi perro” (without reflexive) since you are putting a shirt on your dog, not yourself

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