Charlotte Dog Trainer Canine Scholars Dog Training Announces Off-leash Obedience Programs

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) May 07, 2013

Canine Scholars Dog Training of Charlotte is pleased to announce their comprehensive Off-leash Obedience to Aggression and Good Manners dog training programs servicing the Charlotte, NC area.

Not training a dog is like not educating a child, ending up with is a heedless and troublesome brat that no one can stand. The good news: dogs want to listen to their owners, the owners just need to learn to speak the dog’s language. And no, not talking some ridiculous dog whispering. These days, marker training is the preferred method for raising dogs who behave like they went to Harvard. In psychology 101 terms it’s known as operant and classical conditioning, and in real life terms it’s known as “do something good and you’ll be rewarded.” When your dog does whatever you’re telling it to do—sit, stop gnawing on the couch, fetch you a drink—mark and give that cute fur ball something it loves. This keeps Fido happy and Fido has now associated the behavior with its happiness, and soon enough the marker itself becomes the reward.

People tend to believe that dog training is an easy task. They watch the Dog Whisperer together. Shop for matching outfits together. They may have even given their canine their youngest child’s seat at the dinner table, but Fido still knowingly looks the other direction when they call him.

So where does a dog get the discipline and honor needed not just for coffee mug photos or mouse pad rights, but for the lasting and respectful companionship? Canine Scholars Dog Training

At Canine Scholars Dog Training, clients should expect nothing less than an outstanding dog. Canine Scholars Dog Training’s mission is to provide the pet owner with the tools necessary to maintain off-leash control over their pet around any severe distractions. Canine Scholars Dog Training’s trainers want their client’s dog to be an obedient companion and integral part of their client’s family; one that is happy, as well as respectful to their wishes. A pet owner should never have to raise their voice to their animal.

Canine Scholars trainers will teach their client’s dog to listen to their first command. Having a dog that performs under any distraction does not have to be a wish anymore. Canine Scholars Dog Training offers many packages that best accommodate their client’s needs, and Canine Scholars will return to their clients, a dog that is a Canine Good Citizen.

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