Question by Kara: How can I get a cat to be unstressed itself?
My cat is about 6 year-old indoor cat. Lately she has been licking herself to the point where it looks like she’s biting herself. She scratches herself in a certain area. There’s also less fur on her tail. I talked to my mom and she thinks it’s stress. We’ve had really bad thunder storms lately. We’ve been trying to leash train her which is new to her. I really just want find away to get her to calm down. Can anyone please help?

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Answer by Creepy McSteezerson
Certain cats will refuse to be leash trained, as they are very independent. It sounds like the leash training is what is stressing her. I would discontinue that. Cats do not need to be leash trained and that is why many refuse to do it. If you think it is the thunderstorms, I’m not sure if it would help but they make “thunder shirts” for dogs which can be bought in a variety of sizes. I’m not sure about the idea, but you can ask around to see if anyone has tried them with their cat.

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