Question by Santa Baby: Why are shelters so over run by homeless animals?
Why do they make it so difficult to adopt? I got an application and you have to have a job so you can financially support your pet but then you don’t have enough time to spend with it because you work. This pet needs a home with other animals but then you might be a hoarder if you already have a few. Your vet has to account for every pet you’ve owned in the past 10 years and if 1 died, you might have harmed it so, no, you can’t adopt. And then there’s “this isn’t the right pet for you but when we get one you’re compatible with, we’ll be in touch”. I understand they want good homes for them but it gets ridiculous sometimes. It seems like regular people don’t have a chance. Wouldn’t they be better off with a regular family than locked in a cage for a year or more sometimes?

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Answer by TaKe A pIC It WiLL LaSt LONGER!!
so true!…but you have to think from there point of view, they love there animals so they want the best home possible for them! Its also true that they do be going to far! i had gave up my 6 mo. old dog because she wasnt getting along with her brother, and they euthanized her because she was SCARED! duh she was going to be scared its a new place!…ugh i was crying the whole day! =[

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