Question by Allie C: How can I stop my dog from barking too much?
My dog, who is a little over a year old, barks ALL the time. Whenever we let her out of the house in the morning, she goes to a spot in our garden and barks towards our neighbor’s yard.

Recently we received complaint from one of our neighbors.

We got her a barking collar, but it didn’t work. I tell her, “NO BARK!” but she doesn’t respond. The only solution is to keep her inside the house.

How can I stop her from barking too much?!

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Answer by cagney
go outside with her. keep her on leash if you have to. when she starts to bark tell her no and make her come sit. once she’s calm let her roam around again and if the barking starts again, repeat the same correction.

how often are you exercising her? she sounds bored. make sure you are taking her on twice daily walks. if she’s well exercised she might not feel like going outside to just bark. take her over to the spot where she’s barking and correct her everytime she barks. do not let an instance occur where you can’t correct her until it’s under control.

get her in an obedience class and work with her. that way you will learn how to train her to listen to you better.

good luck.

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