A longplay requested by UltimateRugratsFan. Nope, nothing is missing and this feels more like a shortplay. This video is the game. I could go on and do my usual long rant/review of the game, but who cares? It’s a 10 minutes game. Just watch. Don’t forget, if you have requests like for another video game I should consider for a similar treatment as this one, just ask here or on my channel or even by sending me a personal message and if I can make it, there are good chances that I will… eventually! You can always see the current list of games already requested so as to avoid doing the same request twice (don’t worry if you do) or to see why it might take some time for me to complete your request: docs.google.com Note that the list is in no strict order, especially since most of these were simple suggestions made with no sense of urgency. So don’t be intimidated by the list, don’t be shy to ask me to do a game like this, even though you might see a lot of games already on the list.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Ozzy Osbourne, the prince of darkness against the family dog on The Osbournes SE01-E02. Very Funny! Ozzy, you`re the best and we love you! =)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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