Question by : When is the “Best” time or age to spay a puppy?
My Doberman Pup is 13 weeks old today. I don’t want to breed her and I really am not looking forward to the whole “Diaper” thing whenever she does go into heat, So I’m wondering when I should get her spayed!? I’ve read that they can grow to be larger dogs if they are fixed before they go into their first heat. But I’ve also heard that you shouldn’t spay them until their second heat is over with! I don’t mind her being a large dog but I don’t want to do anything to hurt her later in life either. She’s been through a lot already being mistreated and malnourished and she’s doing so wonderful now, I want to keep it that way! But we already have children and a cat and her so we do NOT want puppies! What should I do??
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Answer by Tee
I’ve been told by my vet that 6 months old is spay time. My dog is a Toy Poodle so I didn’t have any size issue. You should just call a vet and find out. I don’t think you should wait until after any heat at all. You should be getting that done before she goes into heat at all. I don’t deal with any periods at all, since I got my dog spayed at 6 1/2 months. Whoever told you to wait, I don’t think that’s accurate information. I believe you should do it at around 6 months old. Talk to your vet to be absolutely sure.

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