Question by Kayleigh: Why are people so clueless when it comes to dogs..?
It just seems like there a lot of questions on here, about “problems” with their dog, which are actually no more than normal puppy/dog behaviour.

I get it when people don’t understand aggression, or separation anxiety etc, because they can be complex problems to deal with. But biting puppies, house training..those sorts of things..why is it that people buy dogs, and then seem to have no idea how to deal with the issues that EVERY puppy owner goes through? How do people not know? Do they not bother to learn anything before buying?

So, my question is, have you ever been completely stumped by a “normal” puppy behaviour? Or did you bother to learn about it first? I just don’t get how people don’t know these things (whichever method they choose to deal with it) they don’t seem to know anything at all!
LMOA..Julie, sorry, that’s my fault! Jonathon emailed me asking that exact question, but as (you know) i know nothing about dog health, so i *suggested* asking you, among a few others, that know about that more than i do, as an off-the-cuff remark. I didn’t think he would take me seriously, sorry!! lol
lol Julie, i thought it was a serious request. Sorry about that! God, you can tell i’ve only been here for one year, can’t yet spot the really devoted troll that go out of their way to sound sincere! Haha
Anne, i love the way you answer with “this is the internet”. You seem to forget that a lot of the people come here with REAL problems, asking about REAL dogs..this isn’t a Disney site you know! You clearly have issues, i hope you get well soon :)))
Jojo, i got my dog when i was a teenage too, but i have to say, i was never “stumped” by the usual behaviors. But then, my dog didn’t have the problems that yous did 🙂

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Answer by Rusty Plastic
People do that with almost every animal they obtain as a pet. They seem not to look at the animal as a living being beforehand, then are surprised when it exhibits behaviour that a living being would exhibit. You’ll find young girls do the same thing a lot when they talk about wanting a baby.

These people tend not to think outside of themselves much, if at all. Life is about them and how it affects them and what their experiences are. Thinking beyond that is something they don’t usually do until they are in a situation where they absolutely have to, and then they still don’t look past how they might react and so associate how someone or something is behaving with their own behaviour.

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