Question by Scarlett: Any Petsmart dog trainers?
I read that to get a CPDT-KA (Certified Pet Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed) you need at least 225 hours of experience as a “Head Trainer” or instructor. I couldn’t find many places that hire people as dog trainers if they aren’t certified, so it’s hard to get that experience. However, to my knowledge Petsmart trainers aren’t required to be certified. All the website says is: “PetSmart Accredited Pet Training Instructors complete a rigorous education in problem solving, canine ethology, genetics, behavior and learning theory, with a curriculum developed by both leading trainers and animal behaviorists.” So for anyone who is or knows a Petsmart trainer- What’s the training (as in the training to become one) like? How old do you have to be? What kind of experience/education do you need?
I think my question is being misunderstood. I’m not asking if I should go there for dog training classes- I’m asking how I can BECOME a trainer… I realize they’re not the best, but not many places hire non-certified trainers and I need the experience.

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