Question by RickJaymz: Evolution and the increase of information?
Evolution is an increase in information. If we all ‘evolved’ from single celled organisms, then that means through mutations and abnormalities the genetic information was increased. However this has never been documented, witnessed, or even recreated. Since it has never been proven why do some people believe it?

To further explain my point, take a long haired dog for instance. Say that this long haired dog has babies with the same type of dog and (since it has all the genetic information “Ll X Ll” ) some of the babies have short, some have long, and some have medium length hair. Now suppose a hot summer comes along and kills the long and medium lenthed dogs, leaving the short hairs. It would be impossible for these dogs to reproduce any long or medium because the information was lost when the others (with the genetic information) died. These short hairs have the recessive genes for hair, and can not possibly get these dominant traits back.

To go from a single cell to a multicellular organism must mean there is an increase of data. Adaptions can occur, but that is not evolution (progressive DNA changes) but simply nature. A dog cannot become a cat, nor can a monkey become a human no matter the length of time because the information is not there. Mutations, adaptions, etc are not increases but losses.

How then can you say evolution works? The answer is it doesn’t. God made all the animals and they have reproduced “after their own kind.” Science would like you to believe that the Bible is just a bunch of stories with no fact. I merely pointed out a few scientific facts that are in the bible. Want to read more…open a bible up and read the truth for yourself.
Dogs, wolves, etc. …use any animal the fact still remains.

Also down syndrome is not an increase of information at all. They have a duplicate chromosome, not another one. So they have two of something…no more information has been added.

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Answer by Cynique
look up Ian Juby, he’s a creation scientist

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