Question by Rebecca: What dog breed should I get?
Im 13 (yes, i know its too young to think about it now) and my blue heeler (Eva ♥) had 3 (half black lab) pups. My dad just gave them away and i miss them like crazy. So he promised me when I graduate high school and find a place at college (that allows dogs), he’ll buy me ANY BREED of pup for a “house warming gift”. I love dogs like pit bulls and bulldogs, but I assume that it wouldn’t be a good idea. Huskeys, shiba inu, blue/red heeler, and dogs like that. I’d probably be living in a dorm or (most likely) an apartment near or at the college (hopefully MMI Tech, for motorcycle mechanics). I would like some suggestions on a few breeds. I really don’t have a preference, except I don’t like toy or small dogs so much. Something about Heeler-size or larger, but smaller than an American Bull Dog. Thanks for the help!

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Answer by Barbie Puerto
small dogs prob like a yorkie i love these

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