You’ve been asking for MONTHS!!! They are finally here!! Designed by Mishka herself! Get yours here! 🙂 We KNOW theyre only in womens sizes, but if enough of you boys “LIKE” them , we’ll get boys ones made too! Or a different design? What do you think? Let us know! We KNOW the boys love Mishka too, and she LOOOVES the boys! 😉 Paws built by Kate Mulhauser MORE MISHKA AND FAMILY!! Mishka’s Facebook Mishka’s Channel Mishka’s Twitter: Mishka’s Instagram: mishka_the_husky Mishka in 3D: Check out our other channels too! OUR VLOG: MOKI: LAIKA: gardea23 mishka i love you mishka the talking dog talking dog talking husky Mishka Moki Laika talking siberian husky talk talks speak speaks run running water fast ocean waves river lake sand sandy happy free off leash beach dog dogs puppy
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