Question by Pysche 😀: Which do you prefer? First or third person?
So I don’t know which way to write: first person or second person. Please read these two ‘drafts’ and tell me which you like better.

First Person:

I set the bottle down on the ground, ignoring the wind. What the hell was it trying to do, anyway? Smack the sh*t out of me? First of all, you never try to smack ANYTHING out of a vampire hunter. You’ll be roadkill faster than you can spell ‘roadkill’.
But of course, you can’t kill wind, so there wasn’t much I could do about it( except act pissed).
“What kind of person wastes perfectly good beer?” My best friend, Callen, asked me, as he picked up and drank it himself.
I waited a few seconds, and kept on walking as Callen made a face. I knew he was failing every class, but I never knew Callen would be stupid enough to drink blood out of a bottle that very clearly read ‘Human Blood’. Oh wait, he was Callen Thompson. Of course he was stupid enough to do that.
“Why do I even bring you along?” I asked, as I pushed a strand of wavy black hair out of my eyes.
“Cause I’m like your scooby dooby do!” Callen threw his had back and howled at the moon, his werewolf ears managing to poke out of his perfectly combed auburn hair. Yes, he was a were-wolf. No, weres didn’t have natural impulses to howl at the moon. Callen only did that to make himself look like a jackass.
Correction. He did that to make himself look like MORE of a jackass than he already was.
“Look. Where trying to catch a vampire here. If you keep howling, the only thing where going to catch is a bunch of stray dogs waiting to be mated with.” I snapped.
I stopped walking again when I noticed Callen wasn’t trailing behind me like a puppy dog.
Muttering to myself in French, I took a few steps back and looked at what ever had made Callen look like he’d seen a ghost( for all I knew, he probably was staring at some weird hobo orgy).
My hobo orgy hypothesis was dismissed as I squinted through the fog.
Fifty feet away, a pair of dirty, ruby red eyes stared back.
I reached for my stake.

Third Person:

“You know, you really shouldn’t have drunk that blood.” Fifteen-year-old Sam Wilde scolded her best friend, Callen, as he ducked behind the bushes. A strange, disturbing sound came from Callen, followed by the sound of puke hitting the ground.
“You think?” Callen panted, before ducking again.
“Totally. Otherwise the blood sucker wouldn’t have jumped you, thinking you where a human. If he hadn’t jumped you, I wouldn’t have tried to stake him and miss. If I hadn’t missed, you wouldn’t have gotten blood all over my brother’s new leather jacket. Which by the way, you owe him one know.” Sam managed to say all of this with out taking a breath or blinking.
“Sam, come on! I’m puking myself to death and you expect me to get you brother a goddamn jacket?”
“Not just a goddamn jacket, but a new goddamn jacket.” Sam corrected.
“Shut the hell up, or I’ll puke on your hair.” Callen threatened.
Sam rolled her green eyes and smacked her gum, but didn’t bother to insult him again.
Despite Callen being a werewolf and Sam being a vampire slayer, they where like a duo. Like a younger version of Bonnie and Clyde.
Well minus the romance and the whole dead part.
But still.
Even if Callen was a jackass and even if Sam was a b*tch, they managed to get along pretty well. Usually Callen would lure them in, while Sam would sneak up behind the vamp and stake it( which sometimes ended with Callen puking, since that was what happened to werewolves that had been bitten by vampires)
Yep. Just like good old Bonnie and Clyde.
Minus the romance and death, and just give Clyde immortality and tendency to puke, and give Bonnie a stake and paranormal abilites.
Well, not so much like Bonnie and Clyde.
But still.

SO what do you think? Which do you like best? Any feed back is welcomed!
I said ANYTHING was welcome, but no twilight crap! My story is nothing like Twilight!

Best answer:

Answer by mariah loves dwight schrute. (:
i like the first person version. i think it makes it more personal & interesting. (:

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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