Question by lady31: What is the best breed of dog to buy for my children to stay OUTSIDE?
We have 12 acres and a fenced in yard. My daughter is 10 and has autism. My son is 7 and very active. I’ve never really wanted a pet, but for my kids, I am willing to do my very best with an animal.

What would you suggest? I am thinking of surprising them for Christmas. Also, what “supplies” do you need to buy?
Thanks in advance.
Perhaps I should not get a dog. I am not an animal person by any means. I live in SC where the weather is usually nice. I was thinking in terms of the children want a pet and not all of the work involved. I was thinking that the kids could play with the god outside. I cannot tolerate animals in the house, but I am willing to try to learn.

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Answer by Nandina
Pets are not good Christmas presents.

Dogs are pack animals and shouldn’t be kept outside by themselves, with only a couple of hours of interaction with people on any given day. They should live indoors, with their family, and be part of the family pack.

Don’t doom a dog to life as a “furry lawn ornament”.

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