Question by spunky: Is it offensive that I name my dog Asher?
I love that name, it’s one of my favorites and I’m adopting a pitbull who has a very ugly and ridicules name and I was told I could change his name and he will be able to adapt to it fairly quickly if I’m consistent when calling him. And I’m thinking about naming him Asher, cause I love that name, and it actually suits him very well. It’s perfect.

However everyone is telling me that naming him Asher would be offensive because it’s a Hebrew name and I’m nowhere close to being Jewish, and just the fact “it’s a dog”–it’ll be f*cked up. So now I’m kind of worried if I would be wrong in doing that–what do you think? Is Asher a no-no for a dog, or is it not a big deal?
Janie D, you need to relax. Are you this uptight about everything? If so, I can’t imagine you being a great pet owner either…Jeez.

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It would not be offensive. I like that name, especially for a Pittie. People name their pets people names all the time – If you named it Hitler, that’d be a whole different story.

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