Animal World Celebrates 12 Years Online with New Trademark Logo

Coatamundi Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

Chesapeake, VA (PRWEB) June 08, 2011 Animal World located in Chesapeake VA has just released a new Trademark Logo to celebrate 12 years online. According to Steve Forrest “The new logo features the unique name ANWO which is derived from the first two letters of Animal and World.” To capture all parts of the animal world the artwork incorporates a wave representing oceans, a pawprint to symbolize wildlife on land and a bird silhouetted to reveal the feeling of nature in the sky all in beautiful reflex blue. Above the logo a gentle curved line provides a pleasant feeling like viewing majestic mountains. Together the new unique Animal World Trademark Logo celebrates 12 years online and represents the special connection we all have with the natural world outdoors.

Wildlife and Dog plush stuffed animal toys which offer so much for animal and pet lovers of all ages. Dog and Wildlife plush stuffed animal toys provide love, warmth or comfort for anyone on demand without the maintenance required of real pets or animals and are also portable so they can go anywhere. These special qualities allow Wildlife and Dog plush stuffed animals to fill many of life’s special needs by providing love and a feeling of home for students away at college, families away on vacation, business travelers in strange motels, patients scared in hospitals or the elderly in assisted living centers where animals are not allowed. For the Wildlife, Dog, Cat, or Dinosaur plush stuffed animal super sized enthusiasts Animal World also offers jumbo large plush stuffed animal toys.

Similarly, Plastic Animal Toy Miniatures have progressed a long way since their predecessors. Today’s plastic animal toy miniatures feature a realism in detail, color and look never available in previous toy animal replicas. In conjunction with recognized animal organization experts like the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Monterey Bay Aquarium Safari toys has produced plastic PVC animal toy miniatures featured at Animal World which are educational, inspiring, accurate and amazingly naturally interactive. Designed originally for learning play fun plastic animal toy miniatures are perfect for school projects, dioramas, business promotions, goodie bags and wildlife, farm or domestic decorative display.

A animal gifts store item showing up across the landscape are all manner of Animal Crossing Signs. Designed to cover a wider range of animals than the standard deer or duck crossing signs, now animal crossing signs are available in almost any animal imaginable as well as many dogs, cats and horses. For this reason the animal crossing signs are perfect for outdoor safety function and can also provide for attractive indoor animal lover lair enthusiast home decor. Animal World has been part of the animal crossing signs phenomenon since it’s inception and continues to remain at the forefront offering one’s of the industries best selections.

Animal and Dog Figurines Statues have remained a popular gift for generations. Featuring Animal and Dog Figurines Statues from Sandicast, John Perry and Conversation Concepts Animal World continues to provide animal lovers the opportunity to bring some of the beauty of the animal world indoors for attractive home decor. Animal and Sandicast Dog figurines have a special way of recognizing an animals majestic beauty by placing the animal on a pedestal physically and figuratively for impressive display on mantles, shelves or curio cabinets.

Featuring products made in the USA is important and Animal is committed to this and is proud to feature Dog and Animal Blanket Throw Tapestries proudly made on production looms in North and South Carolina. Featuring the artwork of many famous artists like Robert May the animal and dog blanket throw tapestries are perfect for home decor or functional for staying warm on a chilly day.

When it comes to fashion young girls and ladies are always looking for new outside the box thought provoking fun fashion ideas. Animal World offers a unique line of Animal Earrings Gold that allow young ladies and women a chance to make a fashion statement about their favorite animal. The Animal Earrings French Curve Jewelry are made in the USA which allows further opportunity to make a fashion statement.

Dog lovers are proud people that automatically become goodwill ambassadors for their favorite dog breed. To help facilitate dog pride Animal prints in the USA it’s own line of wildlife or Breed Dog T Shirts and sweatshirts. Since dog breed lovers span all ages and sizes dog breed t shirts and sweatshirts are available in all sizes from small children to the largest adults. For year round dog lover fashion fun dog lover fashion apparel is now available in sweatshirts. Likewise wildlife t shirts and sweatshirts allow animal lovers the chance to celebrate their favorite animal in comfortable fashion fun.

Animal Puppets have a way of disarming peoples personality. Animal features Folkmanis Animal puppets and Finger Puppets which provide a combination of personality and realism previously unavailable in the Puppet industry. As a teaching aid especially useful during story time educators often use Animal Puppets to help bring life to characters.. Best of all Animal Puppets help make learning more fun, infinitive more interesting and best of all more retentive.

As Animal World celebrates 12 years online with a new Trademark logo the mission remains unchanged, to provide animal and pet lovers the opportunity to find realistic animal and pet theme gifts that possess a natural look while promoting animal education, awareness and recognition of our special endearing relationship with animals. Animal World is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau Online as well as the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce.



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