Question by Autowerks: Do you train your own dogs?
And do you follow any “school” of training, or do you have your own tried and true methods? Also, how is your dog or dogs most motivated? With my dachshunds I have two who will do ANYTHING for food, one for a ball, one for a squeeky and one for and ear tug and a good girl. My dingo is very smart and practically trained herself, I didn’t need a motivator for her. Lastly, basic commands or a discipline? Thanks!
LOL, By a discipline I mean agility, earthdog, hunting, obedience, etc….NOT punishment…LOL!

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Answer by ozfozz
I have taken both my dogs through an obedience course that is run through the rescue I volunteer with.
I learnt a lot through their program, but I now have adapted their methods to suit my needs better.
I really prefer using the clicker method. Both of my dogs respond exceedingly well to it.

My beagle works for food, as any hound would ;]
He has astounded those lesser educated and bound by their “beagles are untrainable” thoughts with his level of training.

My border collie doesn’t need motivation past my appraisal. If I am happy, he will work.
I do not use negative re-enforcement for training commands.

Add: Ohh alright, I was slightly confused 😛
My border collie competes in agility, we also train in flyball and obedience with both dogs.

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