Announcing Jo Nunez, 29, Who went from Grunt Worker to Expert Trainer at Golden Meadows Retrievers

9 Golden Retrievers all in a row Intently watching Expert Trainer Jo Nunez

Moorpark, CA (PRWEB) December 03, 2011

Golden Meadows Retrievers is introducing a young man who 6 years ago didn’t know a thing about dogs except they needed to be kept clean and fed. Joe Nunez began working for the Kennel as a general worker cleaning up crates and general exercising and feeding the Golden Retrievers and Vizslas.

Joe being a good hard and dedicated worker had become a right hand help in the running of the dogs making sure all were healthy and getting what they needed. From whelping, artificial inseminations, and newborn CPR, Joe learned everything from the owners of Golden Meadows Retrievers. When the Kennel grew to include a training program Joe was right there.

Joe soaked up every article the owners shared with him, and he seemed to understand it all from the beginning. Within the last few years Joe has become one of Golden Meadows Retrievers’ treasured personnel. And it wasn’t long before things began to stand out to the owners about Joe’s training. It was even a surprise to 27 year old Joe Nunez to discover he had a natural talent for training dogs.

“The Dogs Just love him! He is just like the dog whisperer only with puppies. Our clients already call him the Puppy Whisperer!” -Barbara Hoke, Owner of Golden Meadows Retrievers

Joe had always had a gift according to the owners for helping select from their puppies ones suited for therapy work and who they should include in the training program. Joe is right there besides the owners as they discuss the possible families for each trainee and as the expert trainer on the grounds his opinions are valued and respected.

“Watching the dogs learn new things is the highlight of my day.”- Joe Nunez, Expert trainer at Golden Meadows Retrievers.

Joe doesn’t let all this additional praise go to his head. He loves his job playing with the dogs running with them and working with them is all included. He loves showing off the great things the dogs can do and he runs and keeps the pack healthy and happy.

So a heartfelt congratulation to Joe and his fine hard work training the Golden Retrievers and Vizslas at Golden Meadows Retrievers.

Golden Meadows Kennel is a top flight Golden Retriever and Vizsla breeding and training facility with a number of Golden Retrievers that have become working therapy & service dogs. They show their dogs in both AKC and IABCA conformation shows, and have been breeding top quality Golden Retriever puppies for over 20 years and Vizslas for over 6. All of their Dogs come from excellent pedigrees with champion lines, sweet temperaments and great looks. They also have imported several English Cream or British White Golden Retrievers from Europe.

All of their Golden Retriever and Vizsla puppies are surrounded by attention & love from day one, socializing their pups from birth to help ensure the sweetest addition to your family. Golden Meadows Kennel specializes in matching the right puppy to your home, and professional training is available for any Golden Retriever or Vizsla puppy.

They are located in Southern California, in Central Ventura County. We are about a 1 hour drive from most of Los Angeles County & Orange County, and 45 minutes from Santa Barbara.


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