I am really geeked out about this new dog toys I’ve found. They are like a puzzle that your dog has to solve to get food. So instead of food sitting in a bowl which is boooring. Your dog now has to work for his food, and he will thank you for it! Ryan Gwilliam of www.TrainWalkPoop.com Dog training, dog walking, pet sitting & poop scooping for Salt Lake City & Las Vegas.

Crazy Critters www.asseenontvcenter.com Crazy Critters are stuffing free plush toys with squeakers on both ends. Dogs love them and will make it their favorite toy guaranteed. Crazy Critters are certain to be the toy that both you and your dog are sure to love! They are stuffing-free so they lie flat, making them easy for practically any dog to play with. And, because they are stuffing-free, you will never have to worry about cleaning up the mess from a torn or ripped stuffed animal. Even better, your dog will never be exposed to loose stuffing that could be dangerous if eaten. Crazy Critters are super plush and realistic looking they even squeak — making your dog think that he or she is playing with a friend. Best of all, they are hand washable so you can use them indoors or outside.
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