Oh Vey! “Chewish” Pet Accessories debut at the Haute Hound!

JUPITER, Fla. (PRWEB) November 28, 2005

Well, if this dog stuff don’t put the OY in OY VEY! Any person of Jewish descent will love this new line of apparel and accessories. And even if you are a GOY, you’ll appreciate it too.

Schlep on over to The Haute Hound and check out their “CHEWISH” plush toys and other kosher pet accessories. The toys are too cute and trust us; they’re not SHCLOCKY. These are designer accessories that your pet will go MESHUGENEH over! Take the whole lot of toys home; LOX, SCHUMTZ, and BAGEL! There is even a BAA MITZVAH sheep toy that will sent your pet to the funny farm. Your dog will definitely be styling in this blue and white “KOSHER HOT DOG” T-shirt. Better yet, throw your dog a KOSHER bone toy!    How perfect!

To celebrate Hanukkah, the Haute Hound also offers all-natural doggy dreidel treat gift boxes, dreidel plush toys, Star of David tennis ball toys, matzo ball squeaky toys, and Happy Hanukkah party collars.

The Haute Hound is a luxury pet boutique located in Jupiter, Florida. They cater to the style conscious pet with a wide variety of canine couture and accessories. Many of their items are one-of-a-kind or limited designs. “I am constantly in search of unique and fun items,” says Kimberly Hall, the owner of the Haute Hound. “I want my dogs to stand out in a crowd and so do my clients.”    

Kimberly is the proud owner of three Italian Greyhounds who are not only the door greeters at her boutique but also the models.

Having been in business for over a year now, the Haute Hound has expanded to include “Haute Hound” parties, which are similar to Tupperware(tm) parties, except with pet accessories.    It can be a casual weekend get-together or an elegant wine and cheese party; the host can choose the style of party. The Haute Hound will provide invitations and only the finest pet accessories will be available for guests to peruse. As a special thank you from the Haute Hound, the host of the party will receive discounts towards free merchandise.

So, don’t MESHUGENEH around! Fork over the GELT and head on over to the Haute Hound to stock up on great pet accessories for your pampered BUBBELLAH at home.

The Haute Hound is located in the Fisherman’s Wharf on Indiantown Rd. Suite B-6 in Jupiter (next to Too Bizarre). You may also purchase items through the Haute Hound’s online boutique at http://www.thehautehound.com. For more information, call (561-575-4266).


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