Question by Oatmeal: leerburg training “ed frawley” right or wrong?
Somebody actually linked me this website and i was wondering if this kind of training works or is positive reinforcement/clicker training more effective?Im kind of skeptical with leerburg training because i dont know if i agree with everything he suggest or am i wrong?(If you actually take time to look at the website) Are his methods too “inhumane” and wont they hurt the relationship with your dog and just cause fear? Im really confused cause ive been trying to research about this but i keep getting mixed views like 1. “He definitely knows what hes talking about”. and 2. His methods are “outdated” and unnecessary”. I mean this whole pack mentality he write about really makes sense but what i dont get is like….

1.Only “YOU” should be able to pet your dog not strangers!
2.Avoid dog parks

etc..i dont know maybe IM the one thats wrong, what do you think?Any opinions or any experiences with these methods?:)

Please help?! Or is there a website or book/videos that you can link me to that you think is better?:) thanks:D
by the way heres the website link

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Answer by So Crates
There is a saying that goes something like this “the only thing two dog trainers will agree on is that the third dog trainers methods are all wrong”.

What I suggest is keep reading and learning about different training methods and use whatever works for you and your dog. Dogs have individual personalities, so what works on one dog might not work on another. Positive training is great, provided the dog responds to it. HOWEVER, if this method is not working for you, another method might work, or even a combination of methods. Use the techniques/methods that you are comfortable with. You do not have to agree 100% with his methods. Just use what works for you and your dog and discard the rest.

Here is a site that I found very useful:

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