Question by a gal and her dog: What was your first dog training experience?
How old were you? What advice were you given? What “school” or method of training did you use?

Do you still use that method? Why or why not?
When I was around 10 years old, I found a training booklet in the bag of dog food (this made sense to a kid who was used to finding treats in cereal) and took the training of our dog very seriously. I remember walking up and down the street with the leash and choke chain, saying “HEEL!” and wondering if my dog would ever get it.

She didn’t.

I don’t use the “Booklet found in a bag of Purina” method anymore because I doubt it’d suit her well – it was more heavy on corrections than rewards, but I don’t really remember. That’s the best reason I don’t use it.

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Answer by A Euthanized Shelter Mutt
My very first dog training experience happened when I was very young. We took our Cesky Terrier (now deceased) to a local PetSmart for some Canine Education Classes. I believe it was actually their puppy class.

In any case, it didn’t do a whole lot for us or the dog because none of us bothered to practice at home. He got away with everything because he was short.

Volunteering for the Humane Society has got me into positive reinforcement training, but I’m still not afraid to tell a dog off when they’re doing something they shouldn’t be. For example, my Border Collie is a nightmare for nails (no, really, she is THE WORST). She will bite, screech, thrash, yelp, and do whatever she can to get the person who is cutting her nails off her. When she bit me today, I scruffed her and shouted “NO” (in front of a customer, no less- I work at a grooming shop). But I also reward her for behaving.

I think a mix of everything is key. There is no “fix-all” method.

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