Question by : what are some jobs a german shepherd could do to keep his mind busy?
i have a 1.5 year old german shepherd. It’s come to our attention that in addition to the 2+ hours of exercise we give him daily, that he needs a job also

lol, the vet said that “with just exercise, it’s like having yourself locked in a room with food and a treadmill”

any ideas? it’s really snowy where i live nowadays, i was thinking i could hook up a sled to his back and he could cart snow around, or give my siblings rides or somethin lol

any ideas? cuz rite now his job is to protect the house, and he’s going WAY overboard with the protective gene, he can’t help it

it’s either that or we have to give him away, cuz he’s not happy without a job

even tho he loves us 😛

no hatin please, i get this every time i ask something in the dogs section

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Answer by *Dogs are my life*
Search and rescue for fun or he could pull sled

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