Canine Celebrity Survivors of Michael Vick’s Dog Fighting Operation Sign Books, Greet Public in Pacifica, CA

The cover boy – Jonny Justice – will be greeting fans at Annabee’s this Saturday January 21, from 1-4pm.

Pacifica, CA (PRWEB) January 18, 2012

Bay Area dog fans will have an opportunity to meet three dogs who survived Michael Vick’s dog fighting operation on Saturday, January 21, from 1-4pm. Dogs Jonny Justice, Teddles and Uba will be offering paw print autographs, friendly licks and photos in celebration of the launch of Melissa McDaniel’s third and newest book in The Photo Book Projects series, titled: “Pit Bulls & Pit Bull Type Dogs – 82 Dogs the Media Doesn’t Want You to Meet.”

The event is a fundraiser for BADRAP, the Oakland-based non-profit that participated in the landmark animal welfare case through the evaluation, rescue and recovery of Vick’s former dogs. BADRAP brought 13 of the dogs back to the SF bay area after a federal judge in Virginia cleared their release. All of the dogs – including Jonny, Teddles and Uba – have been adopted by local families. Each dog has earned his Canine Good Citizen Certification and Jonny went on to become a therapy dog, helping learning disabled children find the confidence to read.

Philadelphia-based portrait photographer Melissa McDaniel first spent time around pit bulls when she volunteered to photograph dogs at her local shelter several years ago. “I admit I was a little hesitant around these dogs at first since I had never spent much time around them and I believed the negative media hype. However, after the third or fourth pit bull type dog I photographed wanted nothing more than to wag his tail and lick my face, I quickly realized that the media has it all wrong.”

To create her latest book, McDaniel toured the US for six months, traveling 12,550 miles to photograph 82 pit bull or pit bull type dogs. She said, “Ever since I decided to create a series of photo books on dogs, I knew I would be devoting an entire book to pit bulls. You only have to visit your local shelter to understand why.”

BADRAP Director Donna Reynolds noted, “Watching Melissa work with the dogs was fascinating. She drew out their joyful natures and just poured their personalities into her photographs. These photos can probably do more to help the public see the souls of these dogs than just about anything we could ever hope to say or do!”

The event is Saturday, January 21 from 1-4pm at AnnaBee’s in the Pedro Point Shopping Center at Linda Mar Beach. Suggested donation five dollars. Directions to AnnaBee’s

About AnnaBee’s

Established in 2009, AnnaBee’s Doggie Boutique & Cafe is a pet fashion boutique and indoor cafe for dogs located in the Pedro Point Shopping Center in Pacifica, CA. AnnaBee’s boutique offers ready-to-wear couture garments for dogs of all sizes and a unique selection of handmade accessories and eco-friendly toys for cats and dogs.


BADRAP formed in 1999 to tackle the difficult issues that had been bringing early death and suffering to San Francisco bay area pit bull type dogs. They soon developed into a nationally recognized resource for both dog owners and shelters, offering desirable pets for adopters, training classes for dog owners and presentations and professional consultations to animal welfare leaders around the country.

About The Photo Book Projects

The Photo Book Projects is a series of photo books (and more!) designed to raise awareness about companion animals in the U.S. and Canada today, especially those that are mistreated or abused. Issues addressed include the pet overpopulation problem, breed-specific legislation, puppy mills and myths about deaf dogs. A percentage of the proceeds from the first three photo books, Deaf Dogs, Rescued in America and Pit Bulls & Pit Bull Type Dogs, is donated to animal rescue and advocacy groups.


Maureen (Mo) Murray, owner AnnaBee’s

tel: (650) 735-5566

email: annabeesboutique(at)gmail(dot)com

Melissa McDaniel, Photographer & Founder [the photo book projects]

tel: (267) 968-9973                                                        

email: melissa(at)melissa-mcdaniel(dot)com

Donna Reynolds, Director BADRAP

tel: (510) 414-7122

email: donna(at)badrap(dot)org



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