Question by Thrifty Bride: Can certain snacks make a dog sick?
We have an 80 lb Rott/Lab mix “Baby.” She is now eating Purina One Healthy Morsels food and seems to like it….a lot! Today, we thought we would give her a little treat that she has never had before, those “Snausages Treats.” Within an hour of eating the treat, she threw up everything from the entire day pretty much. Could not eating those treats before have messed with her stomach?? Also, despite our constant efforts with hand vacs and normal vacuums, there will always be hair in our house due to her second coat. We have toys all over the house for her. We also think that sometimes she swallows her hair. Could that make her get sick?? Please help our “Baby.”
Well, “Baby” is feeling much better!! Actually, I dont think she was ever sick, we think it was the snack we gave her. We have had Baby one year in April, and have fed her Purina the entire time. About three months ago we switched from puppy food to adult food, and no change. We believe it was the snack. Sorry baby, no more snausages 🙁

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Answer by Romy
Well Im not exactly sure but that just reminded me of my old dog Roxy. She had an irritable bowel and could only eat certain treats and certain dog foods. if she didn’t she would throw up like that..

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