While we like to imagine all dogs staying safe and warm inside loving homes; that does not always happen. Some pet owners feel the need to chain or tether their dogs outside for various reasons. We would like to present you with some reasons why that practice is not a good idea, and can even be harmful to your pet. 
  1. Your tethered dog will be exposed to all elements of the weather. Even with a dog house or shelter nearby, he can get wet, cold, and muddy when it rains, be exposed to extremes of heat and cold, and, depending on the season, possibly suffer from hypothermia and frostbite, or heat exhaustion and heat stroke. All of those conditions can be fatal. 
  2. A chained dog has no way of protecting himself or running away should he be attacked by other dogs, wild animals, or even humans. Leaving your dog tethered without any recourse to flee or fight can cost your pet serious injury or even his life.
  3. If your pet becomes tangled up in a leash or chain, he may not know how to remedy the situation, can struggle, and easily be asphyxiated. 
  4. A dog chained to one spot can become easily bored, resulting in an animal that becomes increasingly aggressive, or one that participates in self-destructive behavior, including chewing on his own tail and feet until they are bloody. 
  5. Tethered dogs are more susceptible to insects and ecto-parasites, including fleas, ticks, mites, fungus, flies, and mosquitoes. All of these organisms either carry a disease and pass it to your dog, or are the cause of a disease. 
  6. You are at risk for having your dog stolen. Many people in the dog fighting business steal family dogs to use as “bait” when training their fighting dogs. These animals inevitably end up terribly injured or dead. 
  7. You may be breaking the law. Many city, county, and state governments are now making it a misdemeanor to chain or tether your dog, even in your own yard. The reasoning behind this legislation involves not only protecting innocent animals, but shielding the public from aggressive animals who can get loose and attack bystanders. 

For more information on why you shouldn't chain or tether your dog, click here and/or click here to read what the Humane Society says about chaining and tethering your dog.

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