Question by kyle: Do the meat and dairy industries still promote their product to vulnerable children in schools?
I remember when I was in elementary school and the Oscar Mayer wiener truck came to our school. Even though I hated the taste of hot dogs I treated the visit like it was my favorite celebrity. I felt as if they passed up every other school to come to ours and show us their appreciation.

However, now I know that they were taking a cheap shot at us; promoting their meat products without spending much money on advertisement to brainwash gullable kids.

Obviously the National Dairy Council still has a huge hold on the schools. Why else would they outlaw sodas at some schools but still carry milk products that are just as high-calorie and fattening?

So I’m wondering, do Oscar Mayer and other companies still go around giving kids free samples and so-called “nutrition” coloring books or is this a thing of the past?
(For reference I was in elementary school from 1990 to 1996)
Owain, you haven’t done your research. It is a well known fact in the scientific community that animal-based protein leaches out calcium from the body. People who consume the most dairy have the highest incidences of Osteoporosis. The four top dairy consuming countries account for the top four highest rates of osteoporosis…USA, UK, Sweden, and Finland. In asia, where dairy is seldom consumed, there is extremely low rates.
Aki T, milk and meat are known causes of cancer, much more than soy. Almost 50% of cancer cases are linked to diet and don’t even tell me that all those people are vegetarian.
Well it looks as if there are a few brainwashed puppets in here that work for the Meat and Dairy industry as well. I’m surrounded!
Mockingbird…that’s really interesting that now it’s a computer program the kids can use instead of the coloring books. Insteresting and frightening.
Kiss Me For Luck….here’s the link to the book I took the 50% number from:,GGLR:2005-49,GGLR:en&q=Diet+for+a+new+america&sa=X&oi=print&ct=title&cad=one-book-with-thumbnail#PPA250,M1

Read page 250!
KMFL…..I don’t know what your talking about I’ve never read a Dr. Weil book in my life. This book is by John Robbins, and he is not in it for the money. He turned down millions of dollars from his family fortune (Baskin-Robbins) and decided to warn people about these industries.

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Answer by exsft
Seriously, I don’t think you are looking for an answer, you are looking for a consensus or supportive statements. When you classified milk as equal to if not worse to sodas, calling the ads “cheap shots”(are you aware how much it costs to make, maintain and otherwise promote the Oscar Meyer mobile?),”brainwash gullible kids (you mean those brainwashed gullible kids that PETA targets and later on become vegetarians/vegans as PETA wanted them to be and then become dues paying PETA members or those who believe that the YouTube videos are”irrefutable proof” and robotically chant “I am a vegetarian because I love animals” incessantly?)then you have pretty much exposed your agenda for asking this seemingly legitimate “question”

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