Dogs Say ‘Woof’ to ‘Wagger’ as Your Pooch Heads to the Keyboard

(PRWeb UK) July 8, 2010

Well, it had to happen eventually and now it has. In a world of social networking with Facebook and My Space we now have a social network site for dogs. Yup, your pooch can now update his status on a daily basis and write comments on his fellow dog’s wall. As crazy as all this sounds, wagger is growing quickly as more and more dogs seek to express themselves in cyberspace. Obviously this level of eccentricity could only have started in England but it is set to improve the keyboard skills of dogs all around the globe.

Putting up your dog’s photos on the internet is not a new phenomenon – dog owners have been doing it for ages but what is new with wagger is that the whole site is dog-centric. This is not about a human telling us he has got a cute dog ‘explains a site spokesman, it’s about a dog woofing to the world about his own life and that has a human who is privileged to share it with him.    Paul Kay & David Miller, the team behind wagger are clear as to who is pulling the lead on the site – the user profile is the dog’s profile, the hobbies, interests and achievements are his to be proud of.

Apart from the obvious humour of the site with the only religious affiliation being ‘I believe in DOG’ and current relationship status ‘I am the kennel stud’ there are more useful options such as ‘I am looking for a long-term breeding partner’ . Initially the site has been very well received by key members of the canine community such as dog walkers and dog sitters who rely on well organized networks to run their businesses. For example a busy dog walker with 100+ pooches on their roster can easily create a ‘wagger group’ to keep in touch on a daily or weekly basis and make any scheduling changes quickly and efficiently.    ‘Walkers and sitters’ love wagger says Miller ‘ they can see immediate benefits from promoting the site amongst their own clients’. Wagger also encourages its members to initiate new networks for their specialist interests such as dog swimming, agility and afghan racing. Members have even suggested a network for pooches who take afternoon tea in Melbourne Australia or for West Coast dog surfers. ‘Frankly, the zanier the better’ says Kay.

So does the old adage ‘where there’s a mutt there’s money’ hold true on the wagger project? Miller and Kay both think they are on a winning formula – ‘we are in this for the longterm’ they explain ‘ we both love dogs so it is a rewarding adventure anyway’. The site expects to grow very quickly through 2010/2011 as more and more dog owners upload pictures and videos of their pets and dog breeders recognize the benefits of using the site to keep in touch with their pups and owners. ‘Globally, the potential for dog social networking is amazing’ says Miller ‘everyone wants a part of it!’


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