Question by mikeswc: I have a year old dog.?
She has gone through various training and is currently doing agility with me. However, her problems at home have continued she goes after my fiance. Not being protective of me, just seemingly out of fun and wanting to play like she is a dog as well. She also attacks the carpet constantly, we keep her created for the most part but she still is constantly going after a couple spots in the carpet. Simply put she is a handful. I wanted to see what are peoples thoughts on an “e-collar” (shock collar). My fiance is all for it. I am about 25% for it. I mean the dog is just insane. Before people get on their high horse and say things like the dog needs exercise or more stimulus… I do not believe this is the case… We play tug with her, walk her, run her, dog park, training classes, doggy day care, and play dates.. the dog is overworked. So please I just want responses to the e-collar and its benefits or negatives. Thank you in advance.

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Answer by Spaniel ♥
Really? This is 3rd time people are so noble using a shock collar.
Shock collars, are PAINFUL, a poor tool, and unnecessary. Lol, what’s with all the lazy people?
Your dog is just having fun, she’ll protect no matter what.

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