Marketing Quotes Offers Advice o it’s Clients for When the Google Knowledge Graph is Released, as it Will Effect Their Online Search and Website Positioning

Search engines constantly change how they read and rank websites

Basingstoke, UK (PRWEB UK) 23 February 2012

SEO companies focus on getting their clients websites higher on search engines, more visible on prospective searches and getting the websites to be more profitable as a result of more web traffic. Marketing Quotes clients will be among those affected when Google implements the changes to it’s search and ranking algorithm, so advice is offered for timely preparation.

Search engines (like Google) need to try and get their customers (the web users) relevant results, so that the top web results are the websites they feel are most in line with the search that was entered. Businesses however try to ensure that their own websites are being found for the search terms that are desired (this is called SEO). So a website that sells dog biscuits will have SEO work done to appear for search terms such as ‘dog biscuits’ or ‘best dog treats’ or ‘cheap dog food’.

This is what SEO agencies are employed by website owners to do, to work on their clients websites to ensure that they are moving up the search engines towards the top of page 1 (for their chosen keywords/keyphrases).

The problem is that search engines do not really understand the search queries they are being given, the context that queries are being asked etc. They do take into account the users location (for local results), historic web searches and then other criteria (such as the popularity of the various alternative websites, the content on those websites etc.) but there are still holes (which search engines will admit to).

Google reads websites and provides results based on a certain algorithm, the plan is to read a website and bring greater meaning to the words on the website with related attributes (this is called artificial intelligence and is something that is natural to humans, but not to computer programs).

In 2010 Google bought ‘Freebase’ (a community built knowledge base) that had around 12 million canonical records; this has been developed and expanded of course to create a more knowledgeable based search program.

Marketing Quotes feels this is good news for their clients and other web users, as they should in the future have much more relevant search results; however there are problem areas. If a web user is not specific, then it is difficult for the search engine to ‘second guess accurately’. This will of course have a big impact on the marketing world and how businesses try to ‘encourage’ search engines to display their website over thousands of others.

It is most likely that Google will roll out changes gradually (rather than there being a massive change to search results) which most people would not really notice, but SEO agencies will have to keep an eye on to ensure their clients websites do not suddenly disappear from their current positions.

Marcel Blackburn (who works with the web development team at Marketing Quotes) commented ‘It is wise for our clients to talk to SEO experts about the changes that are coming up, Google do change their search algorithm regularly, but this change is going to be a big one’.

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