Now your dog can relieve himself responsibly when going outside is not an option. Ideal for house training new puppies, the three-layer system makes this design unique: on top is Pup-Grass™ artificial grass designed specifically for dogs, infused with antimicrobial agents; a grate and tray underneath allow instant drainage and keep liquids away from the turf. Treated with an organic attractant that dogs instinctively want to mark with their scent. The odor-fighting design is easy to clean, durable, portable and lightweight. Ideal for all sizes of dogs. Sizes: Mini—20″ x 20″ (for dogs up to 8 lbs.), Original—30″ x 20″. Sorry, no Replacement grass available separately.

Potty “Pro”fection This is a state of the art, time tested, housebreaking training system that will allow you to correctly potty train your dog. No more “potty pads” or newspaper on the floor. Extensive problem solving to address everyones questions! At we do not believe that you can have the loving partnership you desire with your canine friends without correct potty training. Sooner or later, in the absence of potty training the dog loses out! Out Potty “Pro”fection training system includes an easy-to-read, entertaining manual, an hour long seminar on DVD that brings Scott into your home with the training that we have used with phenomenal success for 27 years! Also included is an audio CD that will allow you to review the training and your progress anywhere you have a CD player, or load it onto your iPod! You Can! You Should! You Will! We Guarantee It. At DogPros we love you and your dog! Free Shipping!
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