Question by : what is a great quality and tasty vitamin supplement for an elderly chihuahua developing arthristist?
my beloved 9 year old, 4 pound girl is starting to develop arthritis. i heard supplement help in stalling/preventing it from getting worse.

I have tried to find a site that would grade the different types of health supplements for dogs (the way they do for dog food) but couldnt find such a site. whenever i enter “quality pet supplements” i end up coming up with sites to manufacturers pushing their products (and I cant trust them).

please help
excuse me? byb for over breeding? my dog is a finished AKC/ CCA champion. so stop throwing out accusations. and vets are influenced by pharma reps and i want an unbiased opinion. please go troll elsewhere
above comment was directed at the flamer, Ladystan. thank you to everyone else who really tried to help. will pick a best answer

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Answer by ladystang
talk to vet that knows dog
9 is not old for chi
just byb over breeding

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