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Okay, so I want to tell you background information that’s important. I’m 13, and my sister is 17.
My sister, has had bowel problems, and poops like only once a week, and her poop was always like huge like horse poop or a giant dog poop like that. We would always complain because every time she would poop, it would plug up the toilet, so it was like every week she would do this. The last time my dad unplugged the toilet, like 2 months ago, everything was fine. The toilet hadn’t been plugged up since then. My mom asked my sister has she been using the bathroom alright, and did her bowel movements improve. She said yes. Keep in mind, the toilet hasn’t been plugged since 2 months ago. Now since my room is near the bathroom, when my sister goes in, she goes in and out I hear her flush the toilet, wash her hands and leave the bathroom. I think moving your bowels would take a while longer in the bathroom like she usually did. She doesn’t eat vegetables, my parents got her fiber and stuff but she doesn’t take it because she doesn’t listen. And every time I used to go into her room it smells kind of like farts.

Now onto today. My mom and I wanted to go out onto the porch, my shih tzu dogs. We sat on the steps and she asked me ” What’s in those bags? ” I said I don’t know, we should open it. So my mom started opening the bags and it smelled disgusting, so I got her some gloves. She opened both of the bags, and there was poop in both of them. Like horse like poop or huge dog poop. We thought it was some type of joke someone pulled on us, but all the neighbors are very nice. It couldn’t have been my dogs, because they don’t poop that huge, because they are small dogs. It didn’t hit me until we got inside, I told my mom, and I’m like what if my sister pooped in it and hid it under the porch because the toilet hasn’t been plugged up in a while. We were all like ” Yeah.. maybe..” So I called down my sister, and my mom told her what we found, but we didn’t accuse her. She didn’t act surprised she just occasionally said ” Really? Eww.. gross “.. So here are my questions and sorry if it’s so long.

1. Do you think it’s my sister who pooped in a bag and hid it?
2. Do you think it’s something psychological if she did?
3. Do you think it may be a joke?
4. If you don’t think it’s a joke, what’s wrong with her bowel movements, and why would she hide it outside?

This is not a troll, I need to know please answer right away. Thanks =)

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