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Ottawa, On (PRWEB) May 17, 2011

iWatchLife, an Ottawa-based technology company specializing in cloud-based smart video security systems for the home, today announced the launch of its iWatchLife Basic and iWatchLife Plus services. iWatchLife’s Basic and Plus services give users the ability to remotely monitor every aspect of their lives – home, vacation property, family, contractors, even pets – from any web-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone. iWatchLife Basic and Plus bring enterprise-grade video security features into the home by detecting only the events that iWatchLife users have pre-determined as being important.

“We see that families are beginning to use video for more than communicating with each other and I firmly believe that in only a few years, households will have every room wired for video. In order for this to happen, the technology needs to evolve beyond transmitting video from one place to another,” said Charles Black, president & CEO, iWatchLife. “Other companies have failed to develop video security systems for home use with anything more than simple motion detection. iWatchLife has succeeded in taking motion detection to the next level and our service allows families to easily see only the events that matter to them.”

Other video security systems send alerts when any motion is detected by the wireless security camera. These systems generate many false alerts, resulting in unnecessary emails and forcing the user to sort through hours of recorded video to find out what triggered the alert. iWatchLife analyzes the movement within the wireless security camera’s view and, without any human intervention, determines if the movement is significant enough to trigger an alert. iWatchLife sends alerts only for those events the user has determined as important, from a car driving up the driveway to a caregiver arriving at the home of an elderly parent. Using the same smart technology found in the million-dollar security systems guarding banks and airports, iWatchLife helps people stop worrying and start watching when they are not there using a simple webcam or a wireless security camera.

Key iWatchLife Smart Video Security Features

See What Matters™ – iWatchLife’s Plus service includes the ability to further reduce false alerts by allowing users to draw specific areas inside the wireless security camera’s view and designate them as Intrusion Zones. Intrusion Zones help narrow the focus of iWatchLife’s advanced motion detection so that users are notified of activity in a specific area of the video security camera’s frame so that alerts are issued only when a door opens or when a child stands up in a crib. As well, iWatchLife Plus helps users maintain privacy by easily blocking out sensitive areas from the camera view such as a bedroom, windows or bathrooms by drawing Privacy Zones.

Bandwidth Efficiency – iWatchLife consumes 4 times less bandwidth than competitive home video security solutions that stream live video to remote servers for analysis 24/7. iWatchLife keeps bandwidth costs low by efficiently monitoring the wireless security camera and by sending a smaller amount of data to iWatchLife’s secure servers for analysis.

Shared Views – Easily share wireless security camera views by controlling and managing who has access to live wireless security camera views. Allow family and friends to keep an eye on the house, dog or family by sending them an email invitation to iWatchLife. Share life’s special moments live, such as a baby’s first steps or a funny dog trick.

Mobile Account Control – Quickly access live wireless security camera views and control account settings using any web-enabled smartphone or tablet.

Recorded Event Video – iWatchLife’s smart video security technology is constantly monitoring, and when it detects an event it sends an email alert. iWatchLife users can log into an online control panel to access roughly one full minute of recorded video that spans before and after the detected event.

Both iWatchLife Plus and Basic include motion detection, email alerts, video recording, event video storage, camera sharing and online account access. iWatchLife Basic is always free while iWatchLife Plus monthly subscriptions start at $ 7.99 per month with additional camera discounts available, include the ability to designate Privacy Zones and Intrusion Zones, additional event video storage and multi-camera support. Both iWatchLife Basic and Plus are compatible with any webcam and support two models of Axis IP security cameras. For a limited time, iWatchLife Basic users will be given 30 days of access to iWatchLife Plus at no extra cost. Learn more about features, pricing and camera options, visit http://www.iwatchlife.com/pricing

About iWatchLife

iWatchLife is a do-it-yourself, video security system that lets the user remotely watch all aspects of life – home, vacation property, family, contractors, even pets – from any web-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone. iWatchLife’s unique, cloud-based, smart technology understands context, importance and relevance of images and sounds and notifies the user anytime, anywhere when events that have been specified as being important are detected. See, monitor and share what matters from anywhere. For more information visit http://www.iwatchlife.com

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