Question by Baby Girl has a broken heart: Is this schizophrenia or an imaginary friend?
My son is 2 years old. And he’s always talking to someone that isn’t really there. When he was an infant, he’d always look at the walls and start laughing and pointing. And when he started talking a little bit, he’d always say random stuff that made no sence to me, like “the cowboys and soldiers in the window daddy’s mad at me doesn’t like the picture” And I’d just laugh and agree with whatever he’s saying. But now that he’s talking better, and I can actually understand what he says, he’s always talking about his friend named Purple. And whenever he does something bad, Purple did it. If he goes outside in the middle of the night and steals the neighbor’s bike, Purple gave it to him. I had to put a chain lock on the door to prevent him from going outside, but somehow he unlocks that. I put childproof door knobs on the doors. He still somehow gets out. I’ve put baby gates in all the door ways. Somehow he still gets out. And every time I ask him how he unlocked the door, Purple did it. And now my son is acting up really bad. He used to do anything I’d tell him to, but now if I tell him to do anything, he’ll scream and stomp his feet. And that’s not the worst thing. He’s always trying to kill my cat. My cat is blind and deaf, and I’ve caught my son drowning him in the bath tub, letting him outside where dogs roam around and could eat him, choking him, hitting him with stuff……and on and on. And he likes to get up and take baths in the middle of the night. Usually when I go in there and catch him, because I have really good hearing and the water wakes me up, his eyes are closed and he’s laying down letting the water cover his face. The first time, I grabbed him up real fast crying, thinking he done drowned himself, but he was fine. And sometimes he’ll be sitting up in the bath tub looking down asleep. And when I ask him what he’s doing, he always says, Purple was giving me a bath. I have to turn the water off outside at night to keep him from drowning himself. I’ve put so many locks on the doors, its not even funny. But somehow he still gets out. I’m not sure if this is an imaginary friend or if he’s schizophrenic. I wouldn’t even think schizophrenic if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m schizophrenic. But I take meds for it, so I don’t do crazy stuff any more. But this is weird. I’ve asked his doctor about it, but my son acts fine at the doctors office, so they always say its an imaginary friend, and they never believe all the stories I tell about what my son is doing.

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Answer by gotta♥me
if the doctor’s you’re taking him don’t believe you, then take him to another one. your son’s well-being is much more important than any doctor’s opinion. also, this may sound really weird, but could you maybe tape one of the incidents? then you could show it to someone so they would believe you.

another idea is to make an appointment with a therapist. i’m assuming since you’re schizophrenic that you have a therapist, so try making an appointment with him/her. if you don’t have a therapist, try finding one especially for kids and see if your son will talk to him.

good luck and i hope your son gets better! 🙂

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