Question by Ava Girl: I’m in the mood for a laugh?
Something that really bothers me is poor training advice or old wives tales about dogs that never seem to go away.

So I’m wondering, what “advice” or “facts” about dogs have you heard that are completely useless or ludicrous ?

A few examples that come to mind for me:

– a good way to teach a dog that you are ALPHA! is pinning him on his back & using your hand to “bite” him around the neck.

– feeding a dog raw meat makes her vicious.

– Pit bulls have lock jaw.

– Pugs were created by crossing ancient dogs with pigs.

– Sticking your dog’s nose in her mess will teach her not to go in the house. (a classic)

For some reason that’s all I can come up with right now….
Let’s hear more!
Thanks Stephanie! Same to your dog 🙂

Another silly one I thought of:

– Mutts are healthier than pure breeds
& also, thank you Bells for another puppy compliment. 🙂

Ignorance sucks: Oh Lord @ the “yearning to be mothers”. I have heard that one too! “I don’t want to deprive my sweet doggie of the joy of motherhood!”
UGH. The motor oil one…. it gets me every time.

Greek Man: You really struck a cord there. I could go on & on about how much I hate clicker training.
Agree entirely with the prong collar comment. I train my dogs with prong collars & they have certainly never suffered as a result of it.

Now a days it’s like people are afraid to use any firmness at all with training. “I don’t want to hurt Spot’s feelings!”
Bernese: Thanks for the nice comment about my pup 🙂 I appreciate it!

Wow, I can’t decide what is the worst thing I’ve read. They all just make me cringe a little bit.

Best answer:

Answer by JAG
Pomeranian’s are part fox
My dog is mad at me
If you pet a dog then other dogs might attack it if they smell your scent
Cockapoos/Labradoodles/Cavashons (insert silly word) are breeds
Teacup is a size

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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