Question by LovelyTexanChick: What’s wrong with me?
So I’m a 16 year old girl suffering from a thyroid disorder (it’s overactive), and I lost 15 pounds since about a year ago. Now I’m underweight (100 pounds) and I’ve literally shrunk 2 inches!!! I’ve always been 5ft. 4in. whenever I checked, and now no matter how many times they measure me, I’m 5ft. 2in.!!! My parents think I had anorexia on top of that (which is a complete misunderstanding, although I can see why they would think that), b/c I went through a phase where I would read nutrition labels on everything for “nutrition” info, and not necessarily fat and calorie content. Plus I would have super small portions for my meals, b/c for as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt confused over the hungry and full feelings. It seems like my brain sends both messages at once. I was only trying to eat when I was hungry, and even when I was, I felt full after a few bites (but hungry too). Then if I make myself eat a normal portion, I’m HUNGRIER than I was before I started eating. Then I can eat FOREVER and although I feel and even look stuffed, my stomach has that weird burning hungry sensation in the pit of my stomach. I want to eat normal, but no matter how I eat, these feelings continue. I’m just gonna go back to eating “supposed” normal quantities (which is how I’ve always dealt with this issue), to keep myself from eating too little or too much. I’m guessing that’s every 3 hours eating (3 meals and 2 small snacks, right?). Plus I think some of it has to do with my blood sugar balance. I’ve had times when I eat a lot, and get really shaky, dizzy, and hot, like I’m gonna pass out, and I drink some orange juice and feel 100% better. And also I have really bad headaches unless I eat at least every 2 hours or so. Here’s an actual example of what I mean by A LOT:

breakfast (8:00am)-a full bowl cheerios, milk, banana, inch square piece banana bread, almost an entire wheat bread pb+j sandwich.
snack (10:00am)-a large blueberry muffin.
lunch (12:00pm)-turkey sandwich with cottage cheese inside and a scoop of hot dog and beans.
snack (3:00pm)-about inch square piece of banana bread with some milk.
dinner (6:00pm)-2 pita bread sandwiches stuffed with lettuce,tomato, ham, roast beef, ceaser and ranch dressing. Then a tiny scoop of fruit salad.
bedtime snack (10:00pm)-full bowl of chex cereal with milk.

What the heck is wrong with me?! This seems like a whole lot, and sometimes it’s even more than that. It’s just on average how often that burning feeling comes along.

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Answer by Moe Marshall
From the feeling you are describing I would reckon you have a high metabolism. This is not something bad, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

People can have high metabolisms for a number of different reasons. Genetics plays a role in determining a high metabolism but it is not the sole contributing factor. Athletes that spend numerous hours every day generally have higher metabolisms than the average person.

If you are trying to figure out if you have a high metabolism there are a few good signs of a high metabolism that you can look for. When in doubt if you are suffering from a high metabolism or potentially something else, make sure to check with your physician.

Different Signs Of A High Metabolism To Look For

The most obvious sign of a high metabolism is that you are thin or even underweight. Other things can contribute to low weight but a high metabolism is a good place to start. People with high metabolisms tend to have less fat on their body than someone who has a low metabolism. Generally a high metabolism will allow a person to eat a lot of food and then maybe never gain a pound from it.

A person that naturally has a high metabolism may never have to exercise and will still be able to maintain their approximate weight. The body just burns the calories so much quicker than an average metabolism that the person does not need to exercise to burn the calories left behind. If however you do not naturally have a high metabolism simply leading an active lifestyle can raise your metabolism. If you have some signs of a high metabolism and you know that you get rigorous exercise several times a week this might be the reason why.

If you have discovered that you have signs of a high metabolism take a look at what you consume during the day. A high metabolism can be brought on when a person eats 5 or 6 small meals a day. Your body needs to digest on a more frequent basis which can help to boost the speed of your metabolism. Likewise, infrequent meals can lead to low metabolism.

If you feel like you have symptoms of a high metabolism you will want to check with a physician to make sure there is not another reason that is causing the increase in metabolism other than things like genetics or exercise. Your physician may want to check for Hyperthyroidism which can cause an elevated metabolic rate

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