Question by noitall: Is there an affordable dog food that can help reduce shedding and reduce “doggy” odor?
We have found a food that helps with these problems for our cat. But we can’t find what we need for our dogs. We have a Boxer and an American Staffordshire Terier, each over 50lbs and lean and active. They prefer dry food. “doggy breath” we reduced by cutting out all table scraps. But “dog sweat” and shedding are still problems. I’ve heard there are foods that can help with both of these. I don’t know what they are or where to get them. Of course, with the amount big dogs eat affordability is a must.

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Answer by b.w.
Quality and affordable don’t always go together. The really good foods cost more. However since they are nutritious food, not full of fillers like corn and wheat that can cause allergies, you feed a little less of it. The best brands out there include: California Natural, Soild Gold, Innova, Wellness and Merrick. These brands do not contain by products either. By products are anything on an animal that is not fit for human consumption, including cancerous tissue. Also, their first ingredient is meat.

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