Question by Buju’s-baby!: What is meant by a dog being ‘crate trained”?
It sounds disgusting! Do you keep them in a crate?
I have never heard of this in Australia. I have a 7 year old German Shepherd who has never been in a crate in her life. We had no trouble house training her, and she is never on her own. If I can’t take her with me I don’t go. It might sound ridiculous but I love her to bits. But to put her in a crate so she knows it’s “her space” – I don’t think so. The whole house is her space.
Seems to me that I’m not alone here in Australia in not having heard about this. I guess it is an American thing. It seems a bit drastic to me.

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Answer by paintedrain2
There are wire kennels that the dog is kept in, while the owner is away from home, or during the nighttime to prevent accidents in the home. It’s mainly used, during house training. The dog is kept in the crate for short periods of time, never long periods of time.

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