2nd Annual Dog Products of the Year Announced

Fennville, MI (PRWEB) January 10, 2006 –

The 2nd Annual Dog Products of the Year Awards were officially announced today and several unique new products made the list. With growing consumer interest in high quality pet products, it comes as no surprise that this year’s winners represented the best in dog training, safety and overrall comfort for the family.

The Dog Products of the Year Awards are presented by PupLife.com, a leading retailer in the online dog supply business. In selecting the 2nd Annual Dog Products of the Year, the company examined a number of factors, including customer feedback, product testing results, and, of course, overall sales. PupLife.com President, Eric Houtkooper remarked, “We are extremely selective about the products that we carry. We rigorously test all of our products, gather customer feedback and gauge sales throughout the year. Only then do we choose the best in each category for our list of Products of the Year.” The 2nd Annual Dog Products of the Year categories included Dog Training Aid; Dog Food; Dog Treats; Dog Safety; Dog Collars, Leashes or Harnesses; Dog Carriers; Dog Health & First Aid; and Dog Book or DVD.

This year’s winners represent a major shift from the previous year’s selections. The only returning champion from last year was the SENSE-ible Harness, a winner in the category of Dog Training Aid. PupLife.com CEO (and professional dog trainer), Leslie Hayes, commented that “The SENSE-ible Harness is still the best training aid we have in our toolbox. This front-leash attachment harness (from the makers of the original SENSE-ation Harness) effectively and humanely discourages your dog from pulling.” Linda Lady, the inventor of the SENSE-ible, graciously commented on the award. “We would like to thank PupLife.com for choosing our harness again as one of their products of the year. It is an honor and we appreciate their customer’s feedback which contributed to their selections. We believe PupLife.com is dedicated to carrying the finest products and they are sincere in saying; “at PupLife.com, your dog is family.”

The winner of Best Dog Food Product of the Year should come as no surprise to industry insiders. Honest Kitchen is one of the fastest growing dog food brands in the country, and their dehydrated raw diet is a runaway hit with consumers. “Many people are turning to raw food diets, also known as BARF diets (biologically appropriate raw food) when it comes to feeding their dogs,” Eric Houtkooper commented. “At long last, we have found a nutritionally complete and balanced raw food diet that is also easy to prepare (just add warm water) and store,” he added.

Dog owners are always looking for great dog treats, and according to PupLife.com, the best dog treats on the market right now are Charlee Bears. “Charlee Bears are low in calories, and dogs absolutely love them,” said PupLife.com’s Eric Houtkooper. “They are shaped like oyster crackers and they won’t leave crumbs or grease in your pocket. If you are having trouble getting your dogs to come inside, the best way to entice them is to reward them with a Charlee Bear. We keep a jar right inside our back door,” Eric remarked. Charlee Bears come in Cheese & Egg or Liver flavor and are available for purchase in resealable one pound bags.

In the category of dog safety, this year’s champion is the award winning Pet Blinkers Dog Safety Lights. Mr. Houtkooper comments that, “These cool safety lights clip onto a collar, harness or leash and are visible up to a half mile. They blink in various colors and replacement batteries are very affordable. Pet Blinkers are a low cost and very effective safety measure that anyone can implement on behalf of their pet.”

The Dog Product of the Year in the Dog Collars, Leashes or Harnesses category is the Reflective Dog Collar from Spot My Dog. “We absolutely LOVE these reflective collars,” Leslie Hayes commented. She added “They look great, they fit comfortably and they increase our ability to see our dogs, especially at night. If you do not have a reflective collar in your dog’s collection, this is definitely the one to buy.” Lauren Patterson from Spot My Dog remarked that “Puplife sets very high standards so for the Spot My Dog Reflective Collar to be chosen as the “Best of the Best” is quite an honor. Choosing a reflective collar also speaks to PupLife’s belief that dogs are family and to their commitment to keeping them safe.”

The best Dog Carriers of the Year come from Creature Couture, a San Diego based company specializing in upscale pet carriers. Leslie Hayes said that the bags are, “beautifully handcrafted using only the finest materials. Creature Couture carriers are subjected to the highest level of quality control. Our customers (and their dogs) love them!”

In the category of Dog Health & First Aid, this year’s winner is the Bow Ow Dog First Aid Kit. Eric Houtkooper pointed out the benefits of the Bow Ow Dog First Aid Kit, stating that, “Having a dog first aid kit readily accessible is an essential element of any family’s emergency plan. The Bow Ow First Aid Kit includes essentials for cuts, bites, ears, feet, scratches and much more. Best of all, the Bow Ow Dog First Aid Kit comes with a lifetime membership to Roam to Home, a 24 hour national lost and found service for pets.” When reached for comment, a spokesperson from the manufacturer commented, “we are honored to be chosen for “Product of the Year” by PupLife.com. We take great pride in knowing that your pups are being care for in a family emergency should one occur.”

The final winner of the Dog Product of the Year Award is the Ultimate Puppy Toolkit, a champion in the category of Dog Book or DVD. Eric Houtkooper stated that, “the Ultimate Puppy Toolkit provides virtually everything the new puppy owner needs to get started – right out of the box. The Ultimate Puppy Toolkit (also known as the Urban Puppy Toolkit), contains six clearly written booklets with photo illustrations. The easy to use booklets cover socialization, prevention, games, junior obedience, house training and more. The Ultimate Puppy Toolkit is designed to help you prevent behavioral problems before they start, and enjoy a long lifetime of love together with your dog.”

A list of the winners, along with pictures and descriptions can be found online at: http://puplife.com/dogcaretips/dog-products-of-year-2005.html. All winning products are available for purchase at PupLife.com.

PupLife.com is the place where conscientious dog owners can find the best products on the market. Our mission is to provide the finest products for your dog along with reliable information and superior customer service. As a business, we strive to promote ethical treatment of animals, and we encourage compassion and responsibility toward our pets. Most of all, we celebrate the incredible bond between humans and animals.

For more information, contact Eric Houtkooper at 1-269-561-2570 or visit http://www.puplife.com.


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