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New York, NY (PRWEB) March 30, 2011

When families decide to expand and bring home a new puppy how do they choose the right puppy breed to suit their lifestyle? If they have young kids then an aggressive guard dog might not be the safest way to go. Perhaps a family member has a disability; a breed that requires a lot of exercise is not going to suit their lifestyle. Whether people choose to purchase a pure breed dog or a adopt a cross breed from the pound it’s important to look at the dogs breed traits to ensure they will become part of the family. Far too many dogs are discarded every year because no thought has gone into what traits this cute puppy may have when it grows up.

So how do people choose the right dog breed for their lifestyle?

Introducing Your Dogs Breed,, a new dog breed information site featuring dog breed information contributed from dog owners, dog clubs and dog breeders from around the world.

Each breed guide offers answers on a breed’s history, breed traits, good and bad aspects about the breed, health factors to be aware of and comprehensive summaries about the dog’s breed.

A unique feature at Your Dogs Breed site is their Dog Breed Profiler ( that will help potential dog owners find the perfect dog for their lifestyle. Darren Robinson, dog lover and Top Dog at Your Dogs Breed explains, “We have put together a series of questions about people’s likes and dislikes that correspond to certain physical and behavioral characteristics of dogs. After each group of lifestyle questions, we explain how your answers relate to certain dog characteristics, to help narrow down the breed choices. Questions such as.. do you religiously keep your house clean and tidy? Do you dislike dog hair on your clothes? After looking at all their answers we might advise them that if they do get a dog they you should get one that sheds little, or that has less obvious hair. Maybe also consider a smaller, tidier breed that would be less likely to add considerably to their house mess. Or … avoid dogs with heavy undercoats. After completing our survey some people actually decide hey, maybe a dog’s not right for me at the moment! We would all rather people discover that now then in 6 months time.”

Further, Darren explains, “Your Dogs Breed is not just all about purebreds, you can take any of our information and apply our breed traits to a crossbreed dog or any dog at an animal shelter or pound… you just have some sort of idea what the crossed breeds are!”

If you are looking for more than breed information then check Your Dogs Breed’s sister site, for dog care and puppy care information articles. Working in conjunction with Your Dogs Breed, DogLics has information on dog care gathered from around the world. Dog care tips here including grooming dog techniques, good dog healthy diet tips, recognizing and correcting dog behavior problems, training new puppy’s and so much more.

Your Dogs Breed – a new dog information site helping potential dog owners discover breed characteristics for purebreds and cross breeds. Written by dog owners and breeders to help people make an informed dog breed choice!

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