Question by : Does anyone know where I can purchase a reliable protection dog?
I’m reposting this as none of the answers in my previous question helped.

I live in a rough neighborhood with my kids and unfortunately packing up and moving is not an option at the moment (nothing available that suits us) and within the past few weeks there have been 3 break-ins dangerously close to our house. In one case the woman was also sexually assaulted. I don’t want to end up like that. Our current dogs are big and intimidating but I know they will never bite someone. I would love to own a dog that my kids can play with in the backyard but also the dog will defend them if the need ever arises. Now, onto why I said “reliable.” See many years ago (3 to be exact lol) a relative of mine purchased a guard dog for $ 14,000 after receiving threatening phone calls from her ex husband. The dog was flown in from Germany and the trainer praised this dog as being “the best dog I have ever trained.” Well one day her ex made good of his threats and broke into her home at night while she was sleeping. The dog did bite but all he succeeded in doing was tearing his jacket off of him and for a while the dog was actually attacking the jacket. She got the dogs attention and commanded it to attack again but her ex kicked the dog and it ran off into a another room and wouldn’t come back out. In end she got a black eye, broken nose, and busted lip. The dog was sent back to the trainer (and would you believe he only refunded less than HALF the purchase price?) Well anyway, Does anyone know where I can purchase a reliable protection dog?
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Dogs are not suitable sources for protection.

I beg to differ. Isn’t that what the Doberman was created to do?
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A dog can be shot and killed

I am fully aware of that. And you know what? That’s ok. If the dog is shot and killed then that’s one less bullet that could hit my kids or myself. The dog would have served it’s purpose then.
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Moondog you OBVIOUSLY did not read the question thoroughly
Lorraine I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you didn’t read the question either?…. Furthermore, if you don’t know of a place to buy a dog then why even bother answering? I have made my descision. I want a dog okay? I might get a gun as well, but i still want a reliable protection dog.

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Answer by Easter Eggs
get a gun, save a dog.

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