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Lentek MK12 Mosquito Trap Guardian

(PRWEB) March 1, 2010

The Pest Control Store offers safe & non-toxic professional pest control products and mosquito repellents by leading manufacturers below MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price). The online store offers Lentek mosquito traps, insect bite shields, non-toxic mosquito repellent wristbands, mosquito magnet and much more at low cost. “We currently have slashed our prices from now until August 2010 and we will continue to be competitive in the market”, says owner Anita Duggal.

The Pest Control Store has recently expanded to include dog bark control devices for customers who are experiencing problems with excessive dog barking. The sister website, Pet Care Store specializes in dog & cat appliances, automatic pet feeders, grooming products, dog training devices, and anti bark devices.

“The Pest Control Store provides products that are safe and non-toxic to people, pets and wild animals”, says Duggal. The online store offers Lentek MK12 mosquito traps which are designed to be used outdoors in 1-acre environments. These devices emit CO2, moisture, body temperature (thermal imaging), and airflow to attract and trap the mosquitoes without using harmful chemicals or pesticides. The top seller according to Duggal is the non-toxic geraniol mosquito wristbands. Geraniol is a natural mosquito repellent derived from geraniums and is an effective alternative to synthetic, chemical-based pesticides. The wristbands can be worn both indoor & outdoors and can easily be packed away in a travel bag for vacations.     “We’ve had customers order mosquito wristbands as gifts for mosquito allergy sufferers. Others have ordered the bite shield wristbands for travel to mosquito infested locations and the tropics. The nice thing about these products is that they have no harmful chemicals”, says Duggal. carries the following Mosquito Trap Control Products by Lentek:

    Mosquito Trap Guardian MK12 with Octenol
    Mosquito Trap Champion MK05
    Octenol Mosquito Attractant Refills
    Lentek Bite Shield
    Mosquito Repellent Bite Shield Refill
    Mosquito Vacuum
    Electronic Bug Zapper Racket
    Geraniol Insect Repellent Wristbands

The Pet Care Store carries the following pet products by Lentek:

    Automatic 6 Day Pet Dish Feeder
    Super Bark Free PRO Series. New ProSeries Super Bark Free has been developed as an innovative and advanced dog training device to stop a dog’s annoyance or boredom barking habits.
    Dog-Off Pro Series. ProSeries Dog Off is an excellent tool for personally training your dog away from bad habits at home or outside, and is also handy for joggers, delivery people and meter readers to protect against barking dogs. This helps stop dog barking.
    Pet Fountain – The water continuously circulates to keep it much fresher than standing bowl water, as Cats and small Dogs love the free flowing fresh water
    Pet Chime – The Pet Doorbell, Pet Training Device is a portable, wireless electronic pet doorbell that allows pets to tell you when they need to come in or go out.
    Ionic Waterless Bath Pet Massage Brush
    Flea Zapper Electronic Comb for Dogs and Cats

Both stores currently ship products throughout North America and there are plans to expand internationally.

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