Question by tasha marie: Was my dog behaving inappropriately at the dog park?
I took my 2 year old lab/newfoundland mix to the dog park today for about 2 and a half hours. Everything was great and we had no issues until a one year old doberman arrived. My dog ran to meet the dog at the gate (It was raining and few people were there so new dogs were even more exciting then normal).

Cub (my dog) laid facing the dog through the gate watching him while wagging his tail. As soon as the doberman was within leashes reach of the fence he jumped on the fence barking and growling. My dog responded by matching the dobermans energy until I called him back to me, and grabbed hold of his collar.

The dobermans owner opened the gate, unleashed her dog and let him go.
She came towards me and told me I should teach my dog not to “guard the gate”.

Her dog ran over to Cub and proceeded to mount him (While I was holding his collar) and I noticed he was not neutered. My dog growled at him and tried to pull away, at which point I dropped his collar and told him “Get in the car” (his most known command).

I pointed out that dogs who were not neutered were not allowed in the dog bark, she explained that he was for breeding and not supposed to be neutered, top quality lines and such and I just left.

I’m fairly confident that my dog behaved in a reasonable matter but I do NOT want to be one of those people that allows there dog to misbehave believing they can do no wrong.

Did my dog respond inappropriately? If so what do i do to curve this behavior?
Thanks for your support, and I hadn’t especially considered the tidbit about the waiting at the gate as it’s fairly common but I do understand. I certainly wouldn’t consider it guarding, but all dogs respond differently to entering and leaving the park so it’s definitely not a problem to have him greet dogs only after they’ve entered. Thanks 🙂

As far as who manages it…I don’t know :/

The county owns the land, and the rules are posted but the only contact information is animal control.

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Answer by ladystang
she did

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